1. 6 Tips for Safer Spring Driving

    The transition from winter to spring can be challenging for many motorists. After all, wind, rain, potholes and other obstacles can suddenly reappear at a moment’s notice. What this means is that spring should also be a time when drivers adjust their habits in order to fit the season. With that in…Read More

  2. Essential Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

    Fleet driver safety training is the most cost efficient way to increase any company’s productivity and ensure public and driver well being.  Any smart business person who handles large teams of drivers traveling the highways and interstates of this country knows this.  So what are some the essen…Read More

  3. Six tips for driving in the fog

    Driving in the fog can be one of the most dangerous driving situations you will encounter. Foggy weather is the number one cause of multi-car pile-ups. That being said, there are six things you can do to reduce your risk of getting into a crash. First, and most important, slow down and increase your…Read More

  4. 3 Habits that will help prevent car crashes

    Everyone who holds an Oregon driver’s license has implicitly agreed to do all in their power to prevent crashes. Three habits will help you succeed! Situational Awareness Most drivers only look three to four seconds ahead of their vehicle—perhaps two cars ahead. But research shows that more than…Read More

  5. Technology-Assisted Driving and the Implication on Car Insurance

    By now, almost everyone has heard of Google’s driver-less car project. Despite not having an official name yet (just don’t call it “Google Drive”), the project is already calling to mind the same believable perspective shift that was recently seen in autostereoscopic 3D and augmented reality…Read More

  6. 6 Tips for Driving in the Snow

    Winter driving conditions like heavier than usual rain, snow, and ice will dramatically affect the braking distance of your vehicle. Your ability to execute a safe and smooth stop is dramatically limited because of the reduction of tire traction. In order to stop safely, the vehicle’s wheels must …Read More

  7. How to avoid a low speed auto crash

    A good friend of mine at Springwater Chiropractic treats a great deal of auto accident injury patients and he told me that over the years he has learned the best ways to get patients better quickly, so they won’t have limitations for the rest of their lives. His adage is simple “an ounce of prev…Read More

  8. How to avoid a collision with a deer

    The most dangerous animal in North America isn’t the Shark or even the Bear. No, it’s the deer, and Fall is the deadliest time of all. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 1 million car accidents with deer each year that kill 200 Americans, cause more…Read More

  9. When to Stop Driving?

    Each of us has differing levels of driving ability and that skill may not be determined by our chronological age. What we need to consider is performance with the vehicle on the road. Here are a few indicators that a driver may be experiencing diminished capacity for driving safely: You notice tha…Read More