Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you offer?

Pacific Driver Education provides a variety of driver training options::

  • The ODOT teen driving class
  • Driver training for adult drivers
  • Private driving lessons for teens and adult drivers
  • Provide the DMV Road test in Gresham & Beaverton
  • Fleet driver training customized for your business needs
  • Offer online interactive Introduction to Driving course

How do the Behind-the-Wheel lessons work?

  • We offer 90-minute private driving lessons for anyone with a valid instruction permit or driver's license.
  • Clients can choose any number of lessons.
  • Students enrolled in the Intro to Driving course for Adults or Intro to Driving for Teens receive four 90-minute private driving lessons as part of the course.
  • Dual dash cam video recording is used during all lessons for client safety.

What types of cars do you use?

  • Our training vehicles are dual controlled late model cars with automatic transmissions.
  • Many of our vehicles have a multi-air bag deployment systems installed.
  • Each vehicle has a fire extingusher, a safety kit and an air purification system installed.
  • All cars have instructor mirrors and an instructor braking system installed. .
  • Our vehicles are clearly labeled with “Driver Education” and our logos.
  • Vehicle systems are checked for safety by certified mechanics several times each year.
  • We have a fleet manager on staff who evaluates the condition of each car for safety and cleanliness each month.

What are your instructor's qualifications and are they screened?

Oregon has very high standards for Traffic Safety Instructors. Driving shool owners and instructors have annual criminal background checks and they are certifed by the DMV. Instructors who also teach ODOT approved courses are certified by the ODOT Transportation Safety Division. All of our instructors participate in several continuing education in-service meeetings each year.

What are the differences in the two teen driving courses?

    We offer two programs for teens. Please visit our Teen Courses page to see a comparison chart that will show you what the differences are in the two teen programs.

Other schools offer two hour lessons. Why are your private driving lessons 90 minutes?

That is a great question and one we are often asked. While having a 2 hour lesson will get you throuigh your course sooner, what you learn is likely to stay with you longer if your lessons are shorter. Lesson length is a balance between having enough time to learn and practice behaviors without going so long that fatigue becomes a problem. We have found that 90 minute lessons provide the best balance for most students.

Why should we choose a course at Pacific Driver Education?

We really are passionate about Traffic Safety Education – in fact, it’s all we do. Over the past several years, our instructors have taught thousands of novice drivers how to incorporate low-risk driving skills into their driving habits. Our programs teach driving skills as well as reinforcing the social responsibilities of being a licensed driver. Our instruction is provided in a fun, friendly, and educational atmosphere.

I am having issues trying to contact you on the phone and by eMail. What's going on?

Over the past year, we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of inquiries about our business and the services we offer. We are a 3rd party DMV examiner business as well as a driving school. With the backlog that DMV is experiencing due to the pandemic, we find that our phones never stop ringing. As a small, family-owned business, we simply do not have the capacity to pick up all of the calls coming into our offices. Furthermore, the large volume of calls also leads to overwhelming our voice messaging system. Please be assured that we want to answer your questions and help you get the services you need. Here are some steps to get assistance:

  • First, be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) page. You may be able to get your answer there.
  • Send us an eMail to: We will respond to your inquiry as soon as we are able. Please understand that it may take several days to get back to you.
  • Be sure to include detailed information about your requests in your eMail. For example, we can help you set up a driving test or reschedule one, set up driving lessons, etc. We need your name, phone and eMail so that we can get back to you.
We appreciate your patience

Will I or my son or daughter be safe in the car with one of your instructors?

    The safety of our students is our primary concern. In fact, that’s exactly WHY we are passionate about low-risk driving! All of our vehicles are equipped with modern safety features including anti-lock brakes and air bags, are outfitted with instructor brakes and mirrors, and are clearly marked as driver education vehicles. Each of our instructors is committed to providing the best possible instruction which starts with minimizing risk during every lesson. In addition, all instructors have been vetted and approved by the Oregon DMV and DOT, and have passed the same criminal background checks required of licensed teachers in Oregon. We have also gone to great lengths to keep the car safe with regular inspections. We have installed dual facing cameras that are in operation during each lesson. We conductuct a Covid health screening before each lesson or DMV Driving Test and we sanitize our vehicles after each cutomer. We have also installed air purifiers with true HEPA filters in each of our cars.