1. Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

    According to recent statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving and road rage. As tragic as these statistics are, the real tragedy is that all incidences of road rage are avoidable. It’s simply a matt…Read More

  2. 6 Must Have Automotive Technologies for Safer Driving

    Decades ago, when automotive driving technologies were relatively simple, the decisions consumers had to make about which features to choose in order to remain safe in their vehicles were simple too. People back then had to decide, for example, whether or not to add airbags, ABS brakes, etc to their…Read More

  3. Essential Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

    Fleet driver safety training is the most cost efficient way to increase any company’s productivity and ensure public and driver well being.  Any smart business person who handles large teams of drivers traveling the highways and interstates of this country knows this.  So what are some the essen…Read More

  4. Driving Tips For Heavy Rain

    Driving Tips For Heavy Rain: Ask yourself this question: How many times have you been driving during a heavy rain when suddenly someone speeds past you as if weather conditions were favorable and visibility was clear? If you are like many people the answer is probably frequently. This type of driver…Read More

  5. Stay Safe When Driving at Night

    Driving is a serious undertaking .The responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle should not be taken lightly; not only are you accountable for yourself and your own passengers, you are also accountable for the effects your actions may have on others on the road. Driving at night adds a…Read More

  6. Oregon Drivers Education Prevents Car Crashes

    Getting your drivers license is a right of passage; something we all expect to do at some point in our late teen years. Because it is such a common part of life, sometimes we can lose sight of what a big deal it actually is. Every year we send hundreds of teens to one Oregon drivers education progra…Read More

  7. Driving School: It’s the Safest Option

    On the fence about whether to send your teen to an Oregon drivers education course or just teach them yourself? I get it, the extra expense, time and effort is enough to deter you; but the truth is, in the end it’s all worth it because your teen—and all the other drivers on the road—will be mu…Read More

  8. A Few Private Driving Lessons Can Go a Long Way

    I can’t think of a driver in the world who couldn’t benefit from some form of private driving lessons. Whether we’re talking new teenage drivers making their way out onto the local roadways or a seasoned driver taking off to explore the open roads across the U.S. after retirement, private driv…Read More