Aerial Rush Hour Traffic

Depending on what time your responsibilities might begin in the morning, or what time they might end in the afternoon, rush hour can be a part of your everyday life (or at least several times a week)! Whether you have experienced it as a passenger, driver, or onlooker, rush hour traffic can be nightmarish, motionless, and oftentimes dangerous.

At Pacific Driver Education we’ve seen our fair share of traffic. Riding around with students of various ages has led us all over the place, including periodic bouts with rush hour. We have seen diverse reactions to traffic from our pupils, some of which have led to a failing driver’s exam. While traffic can be a stressful situation for all parties involved, we have devised some useful tips on how to remain calm and ensure that your next destination is reached safe, sound, and somewhat timely.

Breathe In, Hold It, Exhale, Repeat

While driving ahead, you notice a sea of red lights growing closer and closer, and you realize what you are about to be sitting in. Before even coming to a complete stop, you notice your anger levels are rising. While you can’t control what lies ahead of you, you can control your reaction. This is the deciding moment of how you will react to these adverse conditions.

Taking three deep breaths has been a technique to relax, and this is no different in traffic. It is simple enough to perform while driving, ensuring that you do not become a distracted driver in the process. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road while taking these breaths, and repeat the process a few times until you notice differences.

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Turn On The Tunes

Whether you use CDs, radio, podcasts, or your phone/MP3 player; engaging in music during a traffic jam can mitigate the pent up anger held within your vehicle. Because everyone is different, there are a couple of techniques that can help you, the driver, relax.

Technique #1: Match the Music with Your Desired Mood

Listening to soothing music can induce a calming effect on you and your passengers. Rather than focusing on the angry external atmosphere (horns, lights, yelling), focus on the music and getting to your desired destination safely.

Technique #2: Match the Music with Your Current Mood

If you’re feeling angry or full of angst, play some music to match that vibe! Scream out a few of your favorite songs that relate to your anger, and then notice how much better you feel after a few “harsh” tunes.

Pro-Tip: As you feel better and better after “letting it all out,” gradually shift the vibe of your music into the relaxing and calming songs. This will make you feel like you aren’t forcing yourself to calm down, but instead, gradually feel naturally calmer.

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