1. When to Stop Driving?

    Each of us has differing levels of driving ability and that skill may not be determined by our chronological age. What we need to consider is performance with the vehicle on the road. Here are a few indicators that a driver may be experiencing diminished capacity for driving safely: You notice tha…Read More

  2. What you need to know about DUI laws in Oregon

    Traffic Arrests Leave a Permanent Mark on Innocent Drivers Interview with Ed Caleb, District Attorney for Klamath County. Ed is a strong advocate for the people of Klamath County who has put our county on the cutting edge in dealing with many issues that are affecting citizens not just in the Klamat…Read More

  3. Drive Green

    Tips for Driving Green No matter where you live and what you drive, you can save on your gas mileage when you learn to drive green. Every gallon of fuel that you don't use saves you money and helps to reduce global warming. Here's how you can start making a difference today: Regular Servicing Is Imp…Read More