1. Oregon Drivers Education-Prepare Your Teen

    Is your teenager prepared for all of the variables that await him or her on the open road? You hope the answer to that question is yes, but how can you be sure? When you enroll your teens in one of our Oregon drivers education programs you can sleep tight at night knowing that we are arming them wit…Read More

  2. Who will teach your children to drive?

    Why Formal Driver Education is best, instead of having Uncle Bill teach your kid to drive. . . . A formal driver education training curriculum is seen as an effective alternative to "trial and error" learning, especially given that errors can have such profoundly negative consequences. Students who …Read More

  3. Crash Statistics: The Ugly Side of Driving

    We want to share some crash statistics with that have a direct bearing on novice drivers. These are the statistics that we at Pacific Driver Education want to change. Education and awareness are the keys to make the necessary changes in behavior and attitude. Review the statistics with your young dr…Read More

  4. DMV Retest

    We all get older and as we do, our bodies and minds change in ways that can directly impact our reaction time, awareness, and vision while we drive. For this reason, Pacific Driver Education offers DMV Retesting to help older adults with their driver's license renewal process. Why retest senior adul…Read More

  5. Teen Driver Safety

    Teen driver safety is of paramount importance to Pacific Driver Education. The per-mile accident rate of 16-year-old novice drivers is about ten times greater than that of adults.  The great majority of non-fatal accidents resulted from errors in attention, visual search, speed relative to conditio…Read More

  6. How to Choose the Right Driving School

    Driver Safety from a Quality Driver Education School Research has shown that there is no silver bullet– no single thing that schools can do to ensure high student performance. So, how do you choose the right driving school? When you begin the process of choosing a driver education school look for …Read More

  7. When to Stop Driving?

    Each of us has differing levels of driving ability and that skill may not be determined by our chronological age. What we need to consider is performance with the vehicle on the road. Here are a few indicators that a driver may be experiencing diminished capacity for driving safely: You notice tha…Read More