1. Winter Driving Tips For Teens

    Depending on the time of year that your teenage driver gets their license, they may or may not have had an opportunity to get to practice good winter driving habits. But regardless of whether or not they got that much needed cold weather driving practice, you can be certain that winter is coming. &n…Read More

  2. Technology-Assisted Driving and the Implication on Car Insurance

    By now, almost everyone has heard of Google’s driver-less car project. Despite not having an official name yet (just don’t call it “Google Drive”), the project is already calling to mind the same believable perspective shift that was recently seen in autostereoscopic 3D and augmented reality…Read More

  3. Tips for Driving in a Whiteout

    When freshly fallen snow and wind combine you get what is referred to as a whiteout. This condition may create a situation where the snow completely blocks your view of the road. When blowing snow is forecast, only drive when absolutely necessary and with extreme caution. We have some tips for you i…Read More

  4. 6 Tips for Driving in the Snow

    Winter driving conditions like heavier than usual rain, snow, and ice will dramatically affect the braking distance of your vehicle. Your ability to execute a safe and smooth stop is dramatically limited because of the reduction of tire traction. In order to stop safely, the vehicle’s wheels must …Read More