1. Tips for Driving with Small Children in the Car

    According to AAA, 46.9 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more during Thanksgiving of 2015. This year as family eagerly anticipate visiting loved ones and relatives for the Thanksgivings/Christmas holidays, at least as many people are expected to take to the roadways. Added to this, as it is eve…Read More

  2. 7 Fleet Management Mistakes to Avoid While Driving

    There’s no getting around it – fleet managers must possess a very unique set of skills that include administrative abilities, communication skills and stick-to-itiveness. As critical as these skills are, effective fleet managers must also know how to recognize and avoid mistakes that can comprom…Read More

  3. Increasing Fleet Efficiency Using Fleet Technologies

    The huge role that technology plays in fleet management is undeniable. Gone are the days when large or even small scale businesses could ignore advancing technologies and simply decide to go low tech. The right fleet driver safety training is still critical, of course, but a component to any busines…Read More

  4. Essential Elements of an Effective Fleet Safety Program

    Fleet driver safety training is the most cost efficient way to increase any company’s productivity and ensure public and driver well being.  Any smart business person who handles large teams of drivers traveling the highways and interstates of this country knows this.  So what are some the essen…Read More

  5. Autonomous Fleet Driving: The Future of Fleet Management.

    Part of what it means to be a successful business owner is being able to keep one step ahead of emerging technologies.  One of the emerging technologies that are relevant to every business owner who must send his products to market via fleet driving is semi-autonomous vehicles.  The whole concept …Read More

  6. Summer Storms and Driving

    Darkening skies, heavy patches of fog, strong gusts of wind and rain are sometimes as much a part of summer as are clear, sunny days.  The fact is no season comes without the risk of inclement weather.  As millions of us head out onto the streets and highways to enjoy our well-earned vacations, we…Read More

  7. Tips to Improve Fleet Driver Safety

    Whenever there is an accident involving a heavy haul truck the issue of fleet safety jumps immediately into the public consciousness and sometimes even into the public discourse.  This was certainly the case following the accident involving comedian Tracy Morgan and Wal-Mart’s private fleet.  Pe…Read More

  8. Proper Driving Technique Begins Before you Even Start the Engine

    Drivers Ed in Oregon - who is it for? Anyone and everyone! But did you know that people who are just learning how to drive have a distinct advantage over many of us who have been driving for some time – they haven’t had the chance to develop bad driving habits yet. A large part of learning to dr…Read More

  9. How to Buy a Car for a Teen Driver

    Affordable, safe cars are within the reach of every budget with just a little research The life of a parent is filled with milestones—and one of the most significant is handing over the car keys to your teen for the first time. Not only is it a huge step towards the independence and freedom of adu…Read More