1. Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

    According to recent statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), 66% of traffic fatalities are caused by aggressive driving and road rage. As tragic as these statistics are, the real tragedy is that all incidences of road rage are avoidable. It’s simply a matt…Read More

  2. Portland Driving School for a Safer Summer!

    A University of Iowa study reports the most frequent cause of vehicle crashes involving teenagers is distracted driving, especially when there are other teens on board. In a nationwide analysis of accidents involving teen drivers, it was discovered that in 60 percent of those accidents the driver wa…Read More

  3. Improve Your Driving Skills!

    Perhaps it is has been a few years since you have had your license and you want to to sharpen your skills. Pacific Driver Education can help! Even though you may not need to pass the license test, we can help you improve any skills or clarify anything you need while driving. All students must have a…Read More

  4. 3 Things You Need to Know About School Zones

    As students go back to school this fall, there are some things every driver in Oregon should know. School speed zones are strictly enforced because a speed of 20 mph saves lives. You should also be aware that School Speed zones have three different designations in Oregon. (See accompanying photo) Pe…Read More

  5. Who will teach your children to drive?

    Why Formal Driver Education is best, instead of having Uncle Bill teach your kid to drive. . . . A formal driver education training curriculum is seen as an effective alternative to "trial and error" learning, especially given that errors can have such profoundly negative consequences. Students who …Read More

  6. Crash Statistics: The Ugly Side of Driving

    We want to share some crash statistics with that have a direct bearing on novice drivers. These are the statistics that we at Pacific Driver Education want to change. Education and awareness are the keys to make the necessary changes in behavior and attitude. Review the statistics with your young dr…Read More

  7. Teen Driver Safety

    Teen driver safety is of paramount importance to Pacific Driver Education. The per-mile accident rate of 16-year-old novice drivers is about ten times greater than that of adults.  The great majority of non-fatal accidents resulted from errors in attention, visual search, speed relative to conditio…Read More

  8. How to Choose the Right Driving School

    Driver Safety from a Quality Driver Education School Research has shown that there is no silver bullet– no single thing that schools can do to ensure high student performance. So, how do you choose the right driving school? When you begin the process of choosing a driver education school look for …Read More